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Today is the commencing date for the website However, this date is not just a random one. Today I celebrate my 40th birthday, and since all I wanted for my birthdays was a book, I thought this year I would dedicate this website to them, as a present to my self. The creation of this URL is linked closely to our love for the books and knowledge and understanding of the internet it self, especially the construction and management of themed websites.

Books is one of the most loved themes on the Internet. Just one search through one of the biggest search engines under the names book, books, and the equivalent words in greek, will be the proof of just how many sites are dedicated to our beloved books (i.e sites yes, it is true, one billion sites! were found through google under the search name books). However, one wonders just what kind of websites are these? Most of them are of online bookshops or online publishing houses. E-commerce is usually quite useful and effective, with its simplicity and offers, although I do believe that a major role is played by just what kind of internet we want. Do we want one that is a giant e-shop or one dedicated to free knowledge and information? One that is free, providing direct communication, creative exchanging of ideas, etc.? would like to be part of the latter, with all its pages and interests. webmaster 3/10/2005